By creating a forum account or logging in to chat, you consent to the following terms set forth on this page.

Section I:  Moderated Chat Rules

1. Chat Disruption

*** The only exception to this rule (1A) is during Interstella 5555, when the ONLY acceptable form of spam is in reference to Interstella 5555 on the appropriate channel: #toonami for EST and #toonamipst (coming soon) for PST.

2. Inappropriate Commentary

3.  User Harassment & Privacy

Section II:  Global Chat Rules

4.  Unmoderated Chat Clause

5.  Prohibited Usernames


Addendum: Hit and Run offenses, the act of deliberately breaking a rule right before leaving the channel to avoid a warning will result in a ban for that offense.

Section III:  Disciplinary Actions

1.  First Offense

  • If a rule is broken, it is the responsibility of the moderator or admin to first issue a warning to the rulebreaker in the chat/forums.  The warning is to ensure the rulebreaker is given due notice that they are breaking a rule.  A warning MUST be given before elevating to disciplinary actions, namely banning. Moderators reserve the right to pursue a warning a maximum of 3 days from when the warning was issued.

2.  Second Offense

  • a. If a user has been found repeatedly breaking the rules, the moderator or admin may choose to ban the user, removing them from the chat/forums entirely.  A ban is the preferred method of dealing with a rulebreaker. A ban from a moderator or admin may only be administered after issuing a warning.
  • b. Ban times vary based on the severity or frequency of the infraction.

3.  Kicking.

  • Moderators or admins reserve the right to "kick" a user from the chat/forums. Also, there is an automated system in place to kick a user if they flood the chat with too many subsequent posts. 

Section IV:  Personal Accountability

1.  Any user-created content is the sole responsibility of the user that posted it.

2.  Each user assumes responsibility for their own posts, and accepts any repercussions for its contents.

3.  Any posts in the chat/forums are subject to deletion by an admin or moderator.

Section V:  Final Absolution

1. Terms of Use are subject to change at any time to meet the demands of maintaining a growing userbase.


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